Miserere - The Missa Papae Marcelli

The Tallis Scholars directed by Peter Phillips
Gregorio Allegri - Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaCoop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo - distr. Universal Music

Miserere. A person can acknowledge his own sin only before Mercy, only in the Father’s re-creating embrace. Allegri’s chant, in its crystalline purity and in its audacious bounding, abandons itself entirely to the arms of Mercy. Miserere: with your eyes fixed on the Presence, not on your own sin, and this is enough; so fixed that you cannot stop at your sin even for an instant. Miserere: the voices suspend the chant, they seem to suspend the chant, but actually enter into the heart of it.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)