Piano Fantasy op. 15, D 760 "Wanderer-Fantasie" - Piano sonata op. 21, D 960

Alfred Brendel
Franz SchubertPhilips 2005

Man is that level of nature in which nature becomes aware of itself. Man tries to become aware of what he is and of what the world is. Someone who does not reach the point of this desire, the intensity of this look and this feeling, of this contact with himself and with reality, is not a man! Thus – like Schubert’s Wanderer – he wanders back and forth, touches one point, then another, and cannot fit things together because something is missing, a factor is missing, so the addition, the subtraction, the division, the multiplication never works out. The operation on oneself and on the world doesn’t work out as awareness of the factors at play, and therefore fails to reach a conclusion, a result.
But in this search for who he is, in this search for meaning, man needs a direction, an aim, otherwise his desire is transformed into resentment and violence.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)