Solemn Vespers de Confessore KV 339 - Symphony no. 40 in G minor KV 550

M. Pennicchi, C. Patriasz, Z. Vandersteene, J. Draijer
Netherlands Chamber Choir - Orchestra of the 18th Century directed by Frans Brüggen
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPhilips 2005

The cosmos and the whole of reality, of man and of human history, are like a huge building, a great work of art, a great masterpiece of God in which we are the living stones. So it is awareness, consciousness that opens the dimensions of being, of truth, of the beauty of the world, which is Christ, of which the Solemn Vespers de Confessore, this beautiful music of Mozart, are so immediately absorbing and fascinating an echo.
For it is wonder that makes Mozart’s heart sing, and our heart along with his; wonder and gratitude before Being which is the truth and the consistency of all things.
Taking its move from the senses, from the things it touches and sees, reason looks at them, penetrates them to a level that gives them a stable consistency, with which nothing can compare: eternal, participating in the truth. If it is true, it is eternal, it remains forever. Veritas Domini manet in aeternum.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)