Sonatas for Piano and Violin K 304, 376, 378, 301

Clara Haskil, Arthur Grumiaux
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPhilips 2008

What evocative power has this music of Mozart! In its disarming initial simplicity, it is like a supplication for existence!
We are radically dependent! Imagine being nothing, being nothing in this moment and emerging from nothing, with that hand that presses nothingness to make us emerge, and that moulds us, as we emerge, creating us.
There is nothing greater we can say of ourselves than this: we are “creatures.” With all the mists of our presumptions, with all the weakness of our ailing affectivity, with the inertia that makes four-fifths of our time useless, we are created. We are made, we emerge from nothingness, shaped by a hand. This hand is the fatherly hand of the Father. “Hand” is a work that understates what we are speaking of, because “hand” is a reductive metaphor; for it is mystery, that hand is the Mystery – the mystery of the Father is the One who generates.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)