Stabat mater op. 58 - Leggende op. 59

E. Mathis, A. Reynolds, W. Ochman, J. Shirley-Quirk
Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and English Chamber Orchestra directed by Rafael Kubelik
Antonin DvořákDeutsche Grammophon 1999

It is a moving reflection that is provoked by every note of the Stabat Mater.
Through freedom and the cross we realise that even what we ourselves have suffered becomes redemptive, a redeeming force, as it did for the great bohemian composer, who after the death of his children was able to compose this fantastic, grandiose fresco, and as it was for Our Lady. (...)
This masterpiece of Dvorák is not the commemoration of a death, but a feast that celebrates the glory of Christ in history.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)