Voi ch'amate lo Criatore. Mediaeval Lauds

Choir of Communion and Liberation directed by Pippo Molino
Coop. Edit. Nuovo Mondo-Universal Music 2010

For the mediaeval world, the permanence of Christ in history was a fact – Christ was really a presence. These Lauds are the result of a simplicity, as a virtue, that accepted the evidence of the wonder That Man aroused.
The wonder He aroused was like a promise – a promise of something better, stronger, truer, more loving, more compassionate, more truly life… it was a promise.
Human life has no dignity if it is not born of the conscious relationship with its destiny, therefore with Christ, because Christ is the destiny of all things. The Lauds are born from this moving awareness.
Che non mi sia vetato lo tuo amore, in me non possa nulla ria indignanza. Indignity is defined “ria”, guilty, because we have been granted to know the meaning of our destiny. It is by abolishing this “guilty indignity” that makes our life possible, that His love, Being’s love, the meaning in which everything consists, becomes familiar to us; thus we become capable of a taste for life, of certainty, hope, affection for ourselves and for others, for things, now and in the future.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)